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Travel Sketchbooks - Peerless DryColor Edition

These handmade sketchbooks from Sketchbook Co. are absolutely perfect for anyone that needs a sturdy, portable sketchbook to take with them when they head out the door! 


They include 16 pages of Fabriano Studio 140lb Cold Press watercolor paper and the dimensions are 7.5" x 4.5".

The cover of each sketchbook was picked out and matched (as closely as we could) to the Peerless color that is hand-stamped on it! 

These are all different colors (the pictures are just examples.) We get them delivered as a mixed bag of cover options and when you order them we will grab one from the top of the stack. The color you will get will be a surprise but the sketchbooks are still amazing! 

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Customer Reviews

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Sydney Ray
Lovely sketchbook

I have one of these for myself and I really enjoy it. I bought a second one for my friend for her birthday. I like not knowing what color you’ll get and I love the rough edges on the paper they’re super cute