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Nebula - Liquid Metallic


I was looking at some images from the Hubble Telescope when the inspiration for this liquid metallic hit me.


Nebula is primarily a dark black with hues of blue and purple hidden within it that is finished with a golden shimmer.


In the pictures, I tried to capture its color in and out of natural light. You can see there is both a swatch of the paint and drops of the paint. 


I think this is a beautiful color and I can't wait to see what your creative mind decides to paint with it! 


 **Separation within the bottle is normal, simply shake before each use to evenly distribute the metallic particles**

These come in 1oz bottles.


Here are all the other available colors in our Liquid Metallic collection:

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Customer Reviews

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Veronica Huddleston
Great customer service and fast shipping!

I haven’t had time to work with my new watercolors yet, but am looking forward to that soon.

So nice, I am really glad I took a chance

So I was browsing the Peerless watercolors site and stumbled across their liquid watercolor paints. I hadn't tried liquid watercolors before, and I wasn't sure I would like them, but the look and shine of the nebula color was irresistible. So I took a chance. Now, I am not an artist and I use watercolors for card-making. The nebula worked out very well once I figured out how much to use to get the effect I was after. You see, one of the bigger trends in cardmaking is to create a nebula background and normally that's a messy process that uses several colors of ink and takes forever to dry. This was so much easier! While I did have to add a few spots of color to get that gauzy effect, this paint made it so much easier. So I do recommend it and will buy more when I use up this bottle.