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Primary Set - Liquid Watercolors

This set is perfect for you, whether you have used our liquid watercolors in the past or this is your introduction to them. 


For the experienced artist or the beginner, this set includes the 3 primary colors so that you can hit the ground running when it comes to color mixing. Our liquid watercolors are just as vibrant as our Drycolor sheets and they blend just as well.


This set includes 1oz bottles of Turquoise Blue, Scarlet Vermillion, and Daffodil Yellow.


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Primary Set - Liquid Watercolors
  • Dispensing Pipette: Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kelcey C
Shattered bottle

Due to packing 3 glass bottles in 1 bubble wrap envelope, the yellow arrived shattered. The red dropper is severed. So I can’t use them until I get the yellow. I’ve sent 3 kind emails and I haven’t received a reply.
I teach art, love your products, and am extremely sad about the poor packaging that resulted in a destroyed product.

Susan M.
Primary Set - Liquid Watercolors

With the first stroke of my paintbrush, the word WOW! tumbled loudly out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The vibrancy and pureness of color of these watercolors is beyond words. And with so little effort on my part with my paintbrush haha. They mix beautifully. These will be the only watercolors I ever buy again. Oh.,,these AND their dry color sheets which are also amazing.

Sandhya (Sandee)
Love the liquid watercolors

Colors are bright and mixing them at different proportions as I desire is fun.

Claire McWilliams
Broken bottle

My order came relatively quickly but it contained a broken bottle of liquid watercolor paint that got everywhere inside the plastic bags it was mailed In including on the edges of the palette of dry paints and the other 2 bottles of paint I also had ordered. I sent an email to customer service with pics that same day-11/4. I have not heard a word until today, 11/11, when they wanted a review. There is no way to call them. Very disappointing overall. The paint from the broken bottle was beautiful though.

Veronica Huddleston
The colors are so vibrant!

I love the bold colors! ❤️