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Peerless Transparent Metallics

We offer 3 different metallic washes. Each wash is transparent with a metallic shimmer. The shimmer is not as thick and grainy as glitter. It is a perfect formula of shine and shimmer that can enhance any surface. Mix Peerless Transparent Metallics with your favorite Peerless Color and create your OWN metallic color!


These come in 1oz bottles.

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Color: Copper
Peerless Transparent Metallics
Color: Copper
  • Color: Copper

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

So pretty

Veronica Huddleston
Love the transparent metallics!

Great colors! The transparent metallic watercolors are a dream to work with!

Stephanie Jaeger
Metallic liquid watercolors

Love the two I bought, gold and copper. I will next buy the silver. The colors are clear and very pretty metallics. I am now waiting for the primary colored 3 bottle set of the liquids to be in stock!

Anne Vickers
Excellent Metallics

Peerless metallics have even spread ability. You must try the "Dragon Scales" paint if you enjoy painting dragon flies or butterflies or just a hint of irradiances. I could not do my Christmas cards without the silver and gold.

Natalie Sklaney
Most Vibrant Watercolors!!

I am a fan of these watercolors. The paints are easy to use, travel and share with others. I just love them.
They are definitely my go to set of watercolors.