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Liquid Metallic Master Set

Cover all of your shimmering bases with this master set of our Liquid Metallics. 

Our Liquid Metallics takes everything awesome about liquid watercolors and smashes it together with whatever it was that made Tinkerbell fly.

Liquid Watercolors make it incredibly fast and easy to get right to painting. They also have the added bonus of making you feel like a mad scientist.

These paints are great when used as a tool to add accents to your painting but they have a tendency to steal the show.

They are also great just on their own!

This line of Liquid Metallics takes our century-old recipes and adds a bit of modern flair to them in the form of shimmer and shine.  The recipes we have crafted over the years are not only incredibly vibrant but also makes them self-blending. Their self-blending nature gives you the opportunity to have a ton of fun mixing and matching liquid metallics to find your perfect shade.

This set includes one 1oz bottle of:

  • Autumn's Indigo
  • Cotton Candy
  • Dragon Scale
  • Nebula
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Sunshine
  • Crimson Coral
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Silver

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