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Peerless Watercolor - Bonus Pak - Large 40 Full Size Color Sheets

This Palette Ships Free!

The Large Bonus Pak was developed in the 1970's when the demand for more vibrant colors became too loud to ignore. 40 additional colors were packaged to supplement the Complete Edition of colors. The 40 different colors are packaged together in a clear sleeve. Each color is labeled on the back for easy identification. 2x6" DrySheet Swatches.

Check out this great video by @arleebean on Youtube!

Colors included:

Amber Yellow

Cadmium Yellow

Chrome Orange

Chrome Yellow

Daffodil Yellow

Gamboge Yellow

Golden Yellow

Marigold Yellow

Yellow Ochre

Alizarine Red

Arbutis Pink

Blood Red

Jackqueminot Red

Poinsettia Red

Rose Red

Scarlet Lake

Scarlet Vermillion

Tea Rose Pink

Alice Blue

Butterfly Wing Blue

Cobalt Blue

Forget-Me-Not Blue

Peacock Blue

Robin’s Egg Blue

Turquoise Blue




Chrome Green Deep

Grass Green

Hunter’s Green

Mountain Green

Myrtle Green

Olive Green

Viridian Green

Neutral Tint 

Bismark Brown

Burnt Umber


Warm Sepia



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Peerless Watercolor - Bonus Pak - Large 40 Full Size Color Sheets

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Carla Decker
The BEST watercolor paints I've used!

I am fairly new to watercoloring. I learned about Peerless Watercolors from my sister. This is my second order and I absolutely love the vibrant colors! I make my own pallette by cutting a piece of each color and adhering them into a smaller book for easy on the go painting. I tell everyone I can about this amazing paint!

Jaroslav Nykl
The best colors ever !

Excellent communication thank you !

Angela Sampson
Brilliant colors

I was very impressed with the colors. So beautiful when I swatched, looking forward to using these for a long, long time. Also purchased a few bottles of the liquid color and OMG - so amazing.

jolande van Oosterhout
more than great

I have tested a lot of watercolor paint, from Rembrandt to Holbein etc etc. Every time I came back to Peerless watercolor paper. It is the easiest to use, beautiful in color and you can take it with you. Only drawback, I live in the Netherlands and then the shipping costs and customs clearance costs are very high.

Jaana Ponzio
New world opened up.

All the peerless water colors are incredible to paint with . Easy take it with you every where in the world .
Highly recommended it any one who are interested in this medium.
I received my first set over 23 years ago and it has traveled with me From AZ. All over USA to Europe and now to the Aloha spirit painting in Hawaii 💜💜