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Peerless Watercolor - Bonus Pak - Large 40 Full Size Color Sheets


The Large Bonus Pak was developed in the 1970's when the demand for more vibrant colors became too loud to ignore. 40 additional colors were packaged to supplement the Complete Edition of colors. The 40 different colors are packaged together in a clear sleeve. Each color is labeled on the back for easy identification. 2x6" DrySheet Swatches.


Check out this great video by @arleebean on Youtube!

Colors included:

Amber Yellow

Cadmium Yellow

Chrome Orange

Chrome Yellow

Daffodil Yellow

Gamboge Yellow

Golden Yellow

Marigold Yellow

Yellow Ochre

Alizarine Red

Arbutis Pink

Blood Red

Jackqueminot Red

Poinsettia Red

Rose Red

Scarlet Lake

Scarlet Vermillion

Tea Rose Pink

Alice Blue

Butterfly Wing Blue

Cobalt Blue

Forget-Me-Not Blue

Peacock Blue

Robin’s Egg Blue

Turquoise Blue




Chrome Green Deep

Grass Green

Hunter’s Green

Mountain Green

Myrtle Green

Olive Green

Viridian Green

Neutral Tint 

Bismark Brown

Burnt Umber


Warm Sepia



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Peerless Watercolor - Bonus Pak - Large 40 Full Size Color Sheets

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Love these watercolors

Casey Evans
Vibrant, budget friendly, easy to use fun

I’ve been playing with art supplies for about two decades now. Somehow have not heard of Peerless until recently. I was a bit dubious at first. Watercolor in sheets? Really? Would that even work? What quality would the color be? How long could a dry sheet possibly last?

Oh boy, am I glad I decided to try these out. I tend to cut a bit off of the sheet, dissolve in water, and use the resulting liquid. A tiny square truly produces enough liquid to go far. Want a light wash? More water. Need an intense pop of color? Less water. Want super high contrast on a small area? Lift the color directly off of the card with a water brush, which results in easy ombré. And shading? Easy. Let it dry between layers, keep adding light layers in smaller spaces until you reach full saturation and boom, instant shadow.

The best part for me is, I like to use water media for base layers to make color pencil work much faster, easier, and more vibrant. Underpainting, I suppose. Some watercolors that use binders cause issues. Certain binders are slick after dry and it’s hard to get the color pencil (or worse, pastel) to stick. Since Peerless are dye based with apparently no binder required, this problem is officially solved. The dye infiltrates the paper and once dry, pastel pencils and wax based pencils still have some paper tooth to hold on to. Basically it’s like using blank paper in terms of texture, but with my underpainting intact. It’s perfect for multimedia.

It works on my double-sided pages without bleeding through the other side. It works on smooth paper. It works on rough paper. It works with other water media, no problem. Mix in some glittery or metallic watercolor? Result: awesome.

Additionally, it’s actually rather budget friendly. They’re super portable as well. The range includes grays useful for toning down some colors, super vivid blues, hot and cool reds, warm yellows, warm and cool greens, even a neon pink (geranium!). Because it’s super easy to change your color through water and mixing, it’s enough to provide multiple options for almost endless colors. I’ve never had an easier time color shifting in my life.

Ordered mine through the mail as that was the only way I could get my paws on them. They were securely packaged in waterproof plastic inside the box—super important as I live in Louisiana and it gets quite wet here at times. They were quick to ship my order out, provided not one but two tracking emails (sent another one to let me know it made it to my local postal truck), and included a couple of free extras in my box. They even included a creativity prompt card and a sticker. Their email was even written creatively, which I for one enjoy.

In short—great work peerless! I look forward to seeing any new products y’all invent and to using your reliable products for years to come. I’ll be spreading the word to my friends as well.

Still deciding how I feel about them

So when I got the package home I started unboxing. I started making up a nice pallette. I used a plastic portfolio and double sided tape to stick the paint sheets onto the top plastic piece and then slid a black paper with a swatch to the far right, into the plastic. After just this process alone I wet my desk down to clean and oy... it was a huge mess. There was colored water drops everywhere. I sprayed it with my mister bottle and the whole desk illuminated w colour. It took a long time to clean off and even longer for the staining to get off my hands so I nicely put the "pallette" away and said I'll try another day. Many days have passed and they're still away lol. I'm anxious w the messes they make barely even touching them. Ocd family beware. They do have a slight smell to them especially when washed off your hands but they are beautiful shades. I do wanna play w them and test how they flow w water but oy lol

Rachel Pettit

Such vivid colors, so fun to work with!!

Carla Decker
The BEST watercolor paints I've used!

I am fairly new to watercoloring. I learned about Peerless Watercolors from my sister. This is my second order and I absolutely love the vibrant colors! I make my own pallette by cutting a piece of each color and adhering them into a smaller book for easy on the go painting. I tell everyone I can about this amazing paint!