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Traveling Artist Bundle - Autumn Chiu Edition

When you are out and about and you turn to see a stunning vista, marvelous city scape, or beautiful moment unfolding before your eyes you want to be able to capture it in your sketchbook!

We don't mean with the few colors you decided to bring along with you that day because that's only how much you could fit on your person comfortably.

We mean in full technicolor!

Our paints are perfect for the artist on the go, anyone who considers themselves an Urban Sketcher, or the casual artist that wants to paint during the downtime of their day.

With the creation of "The Traveling Artist" bundle you can now take your favorite Peerless Watercolors Artist Palette with you anywhere you go. It will be there by your side ready to paint your world in any color you want!

This bundle includes: 

1 - Autumn Chiu Artist Edition

1 - Empty Travel Palette

It is your job deciding what colors you want to put in the palette! The Travel Palette does include more spaces than there are colors in the artist palette but that just means you can take more of your favorite colors along with you! 

The spaces are also labeled so you can either choose to put the colors in their rightful spots or you can be a creative rebel and put them wherever you want! 

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