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Butterfly Wing Blue

Nicholson's Peerless Transparent DrySheet colors are the MOST amazing colors around! Each DrySheet is handmade in Wisconsin using the same age-old process which began in 1885. Their vibrance and blend-ability are unmatched! You are sure to love them! Our colors last an extremely long time and go a very long way! All Peerless paints are 100% Non-Toxic!

Choose between a single DryColor Sheet or a 1oz Bottle of liquid watercolor by selecting your choice from the drop-down!

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Customer Reviews

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Meri Andriesse
Gorgeous color!

When I read about the liquid Peerless version, I just had to place an order. The pigments can be used as is or diluted and also mixed with other shades. I will place another order to add to. my as of now small collection. Butterfly Wing is an amazing blue as are the rose colors. I paint florals and my next selections will include greens.


Really vibrant and a little goes a long way. Beautiful pigment 🤩.