4 Steps To Using Our Paints - The Simplest Way

  • Pick Your Colors

    Either pick them randomly (like I do) or pick a few that fit your color scheme.

  • Wet Your Brush

    Find your favorite brush, whisper a few sweet nothings to it, then dip it in some clean water.

  • Touch Brush to Paid Side of DryColor Sheet

    One side of our paint has a wash to show you what the color could look like (this side also has the name stamped on it) and the other side is our concentrated paint - you want that side.

  • Start Painting!

    You are ready to start painting. The wet brush both activates and lifts the concentrated paint from the back of our DryColor sheet.

Refresh your Peerless Palette

Have a Peerless Palette that needs a little bit of a refresher? If you're anything like me, when you buy a set of paint you tend to use up your favorite colors first.

Then, just like getting to the end of a bag of Halloween candy you're left with Werthers, apples, and raisins - all good treats - just not when you're craving a king-size kit-kat bar.

So I decided to create a few pages where you can see a few of our most popular palettes organized by the individual colors they include.

Simply find your palette below, click it, and pick and choose which colors you need.

Our History

Our company and our paints have alway been about getting creative. Peerless Watercolors was founded by a chemist who was curious about how to more easily colorize black and white photographs. Just playing around he stumbled on something that he had to show to the public!