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Refill your palettes or design your own with our individual DryColor Sheets!
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Create your own custom palette by mixing and matching our DryColor sheets!

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We have been making our paints by hand since 1885


Paints are non-toxic and everyday our company is moving towards lowering our enviormental footprint

Refresh Your Peerless Palette

Have a Peerless Palette that needs a little bit of a refresher?

If you're anything like me, when you buy a set of paint you tend to use up your favorite colors first.

Then, just like getting to the end of a bag of halloween candy you're left with Werthers, apples, and raisins - all good treats - just not when you're craving a king size kit-kat bar.

So I decided to create a few pages where you can see a few of our most popular palettes organized by the individual colors they include.

Simply find your palette below, click it, and pick and choose which colors you need.

I hope this helps make things a little more convient for you!

Keep being awesome and thank you so much for choosing Peerless Watercolors.