About Us

Nicholson's Peerless Watercolors was created in 1885 by Chaz Nicholson who wanted to pioneer a technique for colorizing and tinting black and white photographs! When artists started to experience the ease of use, portability, and vibrancy our paints offer the company quickly branched out to everything from fine arts to finger painting!


Our paints, in their most simplistic form, are watercolors on a proprietary piece of fabric infused card stock. One side is a wash of the color that is meant to be an example what the final color will be. This side is also stamped with the name of the color. The backside is a concentrated wash of the paint itself. This side is so concentrated with paint that the color of it is often deceiving (hence the side with the example wash of color.) You can simply touch a wet brush to this concentrated side and you are ready to paint! 


My wife Cassie and I are the 5th owners of the company since its conception in 1885 and are so proud and excited to take on the stewardship of such a storied and historic company! 


We live on a small lake in southern Wisconsin, well we live in a swamp adjacent to a lake in southern Wisconsin. The house we live in was built in 1940 and has more than enough character (and quirks) to prove it. 


Our 4 dogs enjoy covering themselves in swamp muck whenever they get the chance and making my wife and I pamper them with a bath. 


I am just learning how to paint with watercolors (or really just paint in general.)  My wife is a very talented artist but musical instruments have always been my thing. I was lucky enough to have a guitar teacher growing up that taught me the importance of playing and learning by ear.  Which means my wife gets to listen to me stumble my way to competency on everything from the accordion to didgeridoos (I'm lucky she is a patient person!)


Cassie, my wife, is one of the hardest working and humble people you could ever meet. I used to roll my eyes whenever I heard some one say something along the lines of "They made me a better person." Then I met Cassie and found out the hard way that can actually happen! If it wasn't for her refusal to kick my tush to the curb I would still be in my mom's basement watching "The Office" on Netflix until I lost feeling in my feet. 


I mean...I still binge watch "The Office" but at least now  it's in my own living room next to the most wonderful woman I have ever met and an entire pack of dogs! 


Please feel free to reach out to either one of us with questions, concerns, or cool facts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or at our email peerlesscolorlabs@gmail.com! Thank you so much for the support and interest in our little company! Cassie and  Myself greatly appreciate it!