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The Sidekick

Craving some creativity? The Sidekick is your perfect companion.

This palette was designed to help you paint anywhere and anytime inspiration strikes. With 40 of our most popular colors at your fingertips, you'll be able to create beautiful paintings without the stress of messy or complicated setups.

We know that being an artist can be tough - between finding the time and gathering the supplies, it feels like there are never enough hours in the day. That's why we made this palette as comfortable and convenient as possible. You'll love how easy it is to take your art studio with you wherever you go.

This palette contains 9 sheets of 5 different paints per sheet for a total of 45 different colors.

This is a new way to keep your Peerless paints organized and with you on the go.

Each sheet is perforated so you can either choose to keep each sheet whole or separate them all so you can mix and match to create a custom palette of 5 colors of your preference.

That way you can keep the 5 paints you are using at the top of your palette!

The Sidekick is made of durable cardstock and is about the size of a checkbook.

The colors in this palette were chosen by looking at the best-selling/most popular colors from each shade over the years and compiling them into what could be considered a palette of Peerless Watercolor's greatest hits! 

With The Sidekick you can rest assured that you'll have the color you need right at your fingertips whenever you need it!

There is even a place on the last sheet to write down any great ideas for your next painting!

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Need more paint for your Sidekick? Click here to pick up the refresher palette!

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The Sidekick

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Defective product

I emailed about my product being defective, the paints are stuck to each other and unable to be pulled apart , I have had no response

Sarah L

The Sidekick

Tracy Bollinger
Love these watercolors

I’m lovin the Sidekick! I would like to suggest adding a barrier sheet in between all the sheets in the event the sheet is still wet. I guess they would need to be removable if each color has been separated.

Cynthia Beebe
Couple color changes

I love my Sidekick and use it often. As I’m doing florals these days, I have noticed that I frequently need a Yellow Green. The Viridian Green and the Grass Green are very similar, so maybe one could be replaced. Loving my watercolors?

Heather Longhenry
Vibrant colors with easy palett

I was suprised how easy and messless the peerless paints were. And the colors were so vibrant right off the palett. I will really enjoy using these paints.