• The Shimmering Dew Dancer Pt. 1

    Below you will find everything you need to follow along and paint your Shimmering Dew Dancer with Caitie of Peerless Watercolors!


  • The Shimmering Dew Dancer Part 2 - Adding The Shimmer

    In this video, Caitie walks you through adding all the shimmery goodness to your beautiful butterfly!


  • How To Paint Sleek, Straight Hair

    This is the first video in a 4 part series we did with Caitie North on painting hair.

    This video focuses on painting a sleek, straight, dark hairstyle but you can really use any colors you'd like!


  • Paint Tulips

    In this video, Caitie demonstrates how to paint a beautiful springtime tulip.


  • Paint The Ranunculus

    Learn to paint the terribly named but beautiful Ranunculus with Peerless Watercolors in this new, free, watercolor painting class.


  • Paint Poppies

    Learn to paint beautiful poppies flowers with Peerless Watercolors in this free painting class.


The History Behind Peerless Paints

The company itself was founded in 1885 (you read that right - over 130 years ago) by a dashing chemist named Chaz Nicholson. He had stumbled on a new, better, more fun way to colorize black and white photographs and had to share it with the world. Turns out watercolor artists all around the world liked these new paints almost better than the photographers did!

And just like that Nicholson's Peerless Transparent Watercolors was born. Although our paints are still used by a few museums and college level traditional photography to tint and restore photographs our paints are much more geared to watercolor artists these days.

Our Peerless Paints Community

The other artists in the Peerless community have been so fun to meet and have been an invaluable resource as far as learning how to paint goes. I've never been made to feel small or dumb for asking questions and that speaks volumes to the artists that are part of the storied tradition of our little family-run business.

Thank you so much for checking out our shop and do not hesitate to reach out with any question you may have! Stay awesome