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Peerless Watercolors - Bonus Pak - Small - 40 colors

The Small Bonus Pak was developed in the year 1994 when the stamping and scrapbooking craze began to develop. The smaller artistic canvas of cards and scrapbook pages lent itself to a smaller, more affordable set of colors. The small Bonus Pak was created in order to allow artisans the ability to buy all 55 colors at an affordable rate while still having plenty of color to last them many years. The 40 colors are packaged together in a clear sleeve. They are the same colors as packaged in the Large Bonus Pak, but completely different than the colors included in the Complete Edition. Each DrySheet in the Bonus Pak is approximately 2x2". The water brush in the photo is not included in the price.
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Customer Reviews

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Bonus Pak-Small

I am smitten with these paints! The colors are saturated with the ability to have a huge range of shades and tones. Mixing is great and textures are very nice. The small size pak are perfect for traveling or painting plein air. I truly believe more people should try these out (the paints in general) for beautiful vibrant colors!

Cathy Hollenstein
Love the colors

Would love to see you colors in pans

Laura Waldie
40 Colour Bonus Pack

I have made a few purchases from Peerless Watercolors and I picked up the 40 colour Bonus Pack to make my own Plein Air palette booklet. The size is perfect for on the go painting and contains so many colours that it is the perfect item for outdoor or Plein Air painting. Thanks to Dalton and his team for making such excellent watercolour products!

Jordi Waggoner
Love using these

The colors are great and they are SO easy to carry around. I'm finding more things to try because I have them with me.

Alissa Demers
I love my paints so much.

I've been using these paints for a while now..ever since I won a free pack of artist colours in instagram some years back. With a coupon I decided to get some more. I'm Canadian so the exchange rate can make it cost prohibitive so I was happy for the coupon. I was a little shocked to find that my $100 cdn dollar purchase had a $55 duties tax on it when it got here so that was a bit of a shock that that much duty was placed on this purchase. Again it made it all cost prohibitive for me so I'll have to make these paints last a loooong time. I love them so much. Love all the colours in the 40 colour bonus pack and I love the side kick and I got the greens pack as I love painting flowers and foliage so I felt I could use the extra greens. Would love it if these could be stocked in Canada and available for shipping from here somewhere. Thanks for making such great fun portable paints. I really do love them.