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Peerless Watercolors - 7 Hair Colors - Vintage Recipe

We decided to bring back some authentic hair colors that were originally used to tint photos before color photography existed. These formulas are over 130 years old! If you see vintage hand-tinted photographs in antique stores, they were most likely tinted with Nicholson's Peerless Transparent Watercolors in the early 1900's! Chas. Nicholson worked hand in hand with Kodak Photography from 1902 - 1920. The colors include: Black Hair Blonde Hair Auburn Hair Flaxen Hair Red Golden Hair Chestnut Hair Dark Brown Hair


The Expressive Facetones palette by  Amarilys Henderson works hand in hand with the Hair Colors palette if you are doing any kind of character or portrait work! 

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Peerless Watercolors - 7 Hair Colors - Vintage Recipe

Customer Reviews

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Diann Polk
Hair colors that I did not have to mix

Loved these - did some dog portraits and the colors were great for my golden and my cousins corgi- had been having trouble trying to get true to life colors

Neat color palette

Very interesting color palette, great natural colors.

Hair it is!

I am glad they introduced this pack so that I don't have to give my little characters butterfly wing blue hair. Although I still do that some of the time!