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Peerless Watercolor's Cut-Off Mystery Grab Bag of Wonder

Over here at the Peerless Color labs all of our paints are made by hand, stamped by hand, and packaged by hand. We have the calluses to prove it!

During the course of that process, we have to trim some of our paints to make them fit correctly and uphold the Peerless standard of quality. 

Up to this point in time, those cut-offs would be tossed aside and we have been collecting them since it just didn't feel right to recycle them quite yet. 

With some much-needed input from our Facebook and Instagram followers, we have decided to offer them up as a grab bag of random, un-labeled paint! This is a great way to try out our paint, introduce someone else to our watercolors, or get a bunch of paint for yourself at a great price!

Each grab bag will include ~1.2 oz of paint.

**Because of the nature of these cutoffs (they are not uniform and the colors we are cutting depend on our paint manufacturing schedule ) the combination of colors and size of each individual piece of DryColor sheet can not be guaranteed.

Colors and sizes of the Drycolor sheet pieces will differ in each and every grab bag**

These paints are all unlabeled and not of a uniform size (which in my opinion is part of the fun.)  

For every grab bag sold we will also be donating a grab bag to one of our local elementary school's art programs! 

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Peerless Watercolor's Cut-Off Mystery Grab Bag of Wonder

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Janaya Geinert
Absolutely beatiful

The colors are amazing...I am always surprised with the quality thank you for the "vintage" pallet.. I think everyone has different perspective of what "vintage" means..but I feel this palette is a good representation to a good many folk. I look forward to any other varieties..maybe the blues or greens. such rich colors exist..curious whats to come.

Cut-Off Mystery Grab Bag

I got a huge number of colors - many of which I have not had before (I have the complete edition and the bonus pack from around 2016). Only wish there was a way to know what the names are so I could order specific colors that I liked since the cut-offs are unlabeled.

martha wallace
Mystery cut offs

Love all the variety of colors. I have used peerless watercolors for many years and share with friends

Emma Alcaraz
I’m Hooked on Peerless WATERCOLORS

I ordered three times i am so happy with Allllll of my items! The colors are super BRIGHT, UNIQUE & VIVID!!! Also I Love to travel, so these are exactly what I was looking for!! Will buy again & again 👌🏼

Miranda Hassett
Grab Bag of Wonder indeed!

I can never resist a grab bag so I tried this out, and it was such a good choice! The grab bag was a REALLY generous amount of offcuts in a wide variety of colors. It’s perfect for me - I’m introducing Peerless watercolors by way of a take-home church craft project so the variety and economy were both really helpful! Recommend!