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Peerless Watercolors - Dry Spot - Set of 5 Spotting Colors - Blacks

The DrySpot Set is a set of 5 different black or sepia tones used for touching up black and white photos. Although the colors are created for black and white photos, they are not limited to that use. The variety of blacks are a perfect addition to any palette for shading and adding deep tones. The colors include Lamp Black, Ivory Black, Pearl Grey, Spotting Black Opaque, Warm Sepia. All DrySheets are 2x6" swatches.
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Customer Reviews

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Tatyanna Meharry
Set of 5 Spotting Colours

These are so ingenious! I absolutely love the idea of them and after using them I am in love! They have a very unique quality that is more akin to ink with hints of water colour. The colours are really beautiful too!

Chad Pomerleau
Great product, friendly service

Bought for Black and White retouching. Have played a little, so far, with a couple old negatives and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Looking forward to trying on some prints. The kit should last a long time for my uses, but wouldn't hesitate to buy again.