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Peerless Watercolor - Individual DryColor Sheet - Gold Metallic

To create this bold transparent metallic we took our 130-year-old recipe for our silver metallic and simply added gold for a bit of a revamp!

This 2" x 6" DryColor sheet is that little something extra you're looking for whenever you think to yourself "It needs something...but I don't know what" when you look over your painting in progress.


 Each Transparent Metallic sheet is loaded with shimmer. Not to be confused with glitter, the shimmer adds a subtle metallic sheen to any color or surface. It will not flake off like glitter! Instead, it will sit tight on your paper surface and provide a reflective sheen that is unmatched! The image to the left displays the Transparent Metallic layered over black. Try it on any color! Try it on a paper bag. Try it on scrap paper. Try it over colored pencils, markers or acrylics! Try it everywhere!

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Customer Reviews

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Catherine Lauda

Barely a few gold sparkles even if I rub a large area. Maybe a defective sheet? I got the silver one also and seems it seems great.

Diann Polk
Transparent metallic- totally awesome!

I love this - it can be used so many ways- alone to make a highlight of a beach scene or snow scene, mixed with other colors for making a Christmas ornament shine , clouds on a cloudy day, etc. Will be making sure I don’t run out of this! It has taken my painting to a whole new level.


I love all these paints, every color! I love the gold! And Peerless is a great company.

Lisa Hoesing
Beautiful Convenience

Thank you for adding your metallic watercolors to your dry color sheets. I had tried giving everyone in my class a dollop of gold paint. But it was inconvenient for them to use it. Giving them each a 2 x 2" square of your gold dry color she was really easy . Easy for me to give to them , and easy for them to keep with r class supplies. It is ready for them to use whenever they want to use gold.

Kathleen Sanders
Brilliant gold metallic paint!

Love my Peerless Gold Metallic! The shimmer and sparkle from this dry sheet watercolor is amazing!!!