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4 oz Liquid Watercolor Bottles

You can never have too much of a good thing! 


We decided to take that philosophy and run with it when it comes to a few of our liquid watercolors.


We took our best-selling liquid watercolors and supersized them.


Our liquid watercolors usually come in a 1oz container so we decided to quadruple that.


You can now feel free to buy your favorite color and know that it will last you an incredibly long time!


** Each bottle comes with a dispensing pipette. **

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Color: Geranium Pink

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chari Peak
Love love love!!!

I love these inks. Great color!!!

William Milne

This is a wonderful idea and very economical. What I would buy immediately would be the three primary colours , black white and a middle gray. Could you perhaps have your very experienced resident artists come to an agreement as to which of your range of liquid colours fulfill these requirements. I believe that you are currently working on a new colour project. Perhaps this could be a part of that. Regards, W.Milne