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Paint Along Palette - Under The Sea

With the Paint Along Palette, you can share painting with your children without having to share your paints.


We have heard it time and time again. Mom or Dad buys some paint for themselves, they start to paint and blamo a curious set of eyes pop up over the edge of the table and suddenly neeeeeed to paint with you.


With the Paint Along Palette you can quickly look like the coolest parent in the world when you slide them their very own palette of Peerless Watercolors.


Each paint along palette comes with:

1 Peerless Watercolors Palette

  • Sepia Brown, Golden Yellow, Grass Green, Scarlet Vermillion, Cobalt, and Amethyst

2 Different, kid-friendly paintings for them to paint. 


** You have permission to also buy this for yourself as an adult **

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