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Peerless Watercolor - Complete Edition - Set of 15 colors

15 vibrant, transparent, hand-made, non-toxic, professional-grade watercolor paints you can take with you on the a package that doesn't require any more space than a checkbook! 

It is so easy to grab this beautiful palette of paint and toss it in your purse, coat pocket, or backpack and take it with you where ever you go. No need to restrict yourself to 8 (or fewer) plain colors. 

The Peerless DryColor Sheets are made of a proprietary paper-based film that allows the paint to be mixed and used right off the sheet. The sheet does not disintegrate as normal paper would and when you are all done painting, just allow the sheet to dry and the paint is perfectly ready to go for the next time!

If you need to refresh the paint in your Complete Edition simply click here to pick up a refresh palette!

If you want to thumb through the historic Complete Edition Booklet you can do so by clicking here!

A common question we receive is "How long does the Complete Edition last?" The short answer: "A LONG time." There is a ton of paint on these sheets.

The Complete Edition Set is the first set ever created in 1885. The 15 colors have not varied over time. They are packaged in a paper-bound booklet that contains old English color descriptions and painting tips as originally printed in 1902.

The colors include: Brilliant Yellow, Deep Yellow, Orange Yellow, Ripe Peach, Geranium Pink, Japonica Scarlet, Royal Crimson, Mahogany Brown, Sepia Brown, Light Green, Dark Green, Deep Blue, Sky Blue, Wistaria Violet, and Pearl Gray.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Jordi Waggoner
Love them

I love having these in my pocket. I always see something that I put in my journal and now I can always add color. These are the best

Nicole Cunningham
The sidekick palette

Perfect and compact ! Swatches are beautiful and paint is very pigmented !!!!

Diane Caron
A first for me

I’ve never used used watercolors like these before. So far so good. The color are good, bright, intense. I like very much.

Christy Petterson
Love these paints!

I love these paints! They are vibrant and fun to paint with. There's honestly a bit of an element of surprise as the colors sometimes show up different than what I expected based on what it looked like dry. For me, that just made the experience even more fun!

Kelley McGinnis
Awesome paint and staff!!

First, I have to say a big thank you to the staff! After post office lost first package they helped me get a replacement! Then to top it off best watercolors ever! Thanks Peerless ❤️