Learn To Paint A Mermaid

In this watercolor tutorial, Caitie shows you how to paint a beautiful mermaid.

Mermaids might be hard to capture in the wild (I've only done it twice) but this tutorial will show you just how easily you can capture them in your Peerless Watercolors.

So grab your paints, make some time for yourself, relax, and spend some time painting this Mermaid with us! If you enjoyed the video please hit subscribe (for more watercolor tutorials) and share this tutorial with anyone you think might enjoy it!


Supply list: Peerless Watercolors -

Grass Green

Ripe Peach

Amber Yellow

Mahogany Brown

Sky Blue

Autumn's Indigo

Deep Blue

Gold Metallic


Fine Detail Brush

Double-sided tape


White Gel Pen for highlights


Lightbox or window

Reference Photo: