Pay What You Can Holiday Sale

Instead of running a small sale here or there throughout the year and instead of just running a sale for BFCM we are opening up a Holiday Season Sale - Which will be our only formal sale of the year.

I know that these last few years have been difficult, they've put a lot of pressure on all of us. So I wanted to help possibly relieve some of that pressure by offering this "Pay What You Can" sale from now until December 26th.

 Although we appreciate when you do choose to pay full price for your order, we understand that right now that is not a viable option for a great number of us.

 Simply decide what you are able to pay, pick out a coupon code that reflects that amount, and enter it at checkout.

 I've also made each coupon a link that if you click it, it should, in theory, apply that coupon automatically at checkout.

 Another thing to consider, if you can afford it, is using one of these coupons to send a gift to a friend or family member that might be having a hard time filling their own families stockings this year.

 A regular holiday season is a crazy amount of pressure on all of our friends, family members, and neighbors. With the added pressure of, well, basically the state of the world right now it's crucial that we all do what we can to support each other!


Here are the coupons to choose from:


10% Off Your Whole Order - PWYC10


15% Off Your Whole Order - PWYC15


20% Off Your Whole Order - PWYC20


25% Off Your Whole Order - PWYC25


30% Off Your Whole Order - PWYC30