The Original Complete Edition

A wonderful palette for anything you'd like to paint. The Complete Edition has been a staple among artists for over 130 years.

15 super saturated, vibrant colors at your disposal!


Our paints have been trusted by artists all around the world for over 130 years


We have been making our paint by hand since 1885

Eco Friendly

Our paints are all natural and sustainable.

Have Fun Painting Whatever and Wherever You'd Like

Your amazing imagination and our vibrant paints make a great team. The Complete Edition is the perfect tool to help bring your imagination to life! The Complete Edition is easy to store, easy to set up and clean up, and easy to use. You'll be impressing your friends and family in no time with how vibrant and eye catching your paintings are. With 15 colors to choose from you won't have to hold yourself back when it comes to finding that color that is just right. There are so many ways to use our paints that you'll have just as much fun expirementing with them as you will painting with them!

The Complete Edition was the first product we introduced back in 1885. It contains 15 colors that will enable you to paint anything you'd like. It is a great palette for beginner and experienced painters. Deepen your skills as an artist by blending the minimalist colors in this palette to create your ideal shade. Or, if you're just starting out just jump right in and get painting.


The Complete Edition is about the size of a checkbook so it won't clutter up your studio, craftroom, or carry on. Whenever you're ready to paint just flip open The Complete Edition, wet a brush, and get painting. There are a ton of ways to use our paint. Some artists just paint directly off of our Drycolor sheet, some snip off pieces of the Drycolor sheet and mix it with water, and some put them in bottles to mist their pages with. Half the fun is expiremnenting to find your own favorite way of using our paints!

The Complete Edition was created in 1885 as a way to more easily colorize black and white photographs. Our founder Chaz Nicholson was a creative and artistic chemist by trade that decided that black and white photographs were a little boring whenn compared to real life and thought that he was uniquely suited to find a solution to this problem. Not too long after that he developed the original 15 recipes for the colors in The Complete Edition and the rest is, quite literally, history.

He took his new product to show a few of his photographer friends and they loved it but then something happenend that he didn't expect (as these things often do.) A watercolor artist got their hand on this golden little booklet and was amazed by it, so much so that they shared it with their painter friend and blew their mind, so much so that they get where I'm going with this. Turns out this is exactly what the watercolor community of the time was looking for and since then our paints have been trusted by thousands of artists all around the world.

When you buy a Complete Edition you're not just buying 15 beautifully vibrant paints - you are buying a living piece of history with over 130 years of artistic tradition sewn into it's very fabric. This tool of creativity was created through the kind of experimentation that only complete creative freedom would allow and now I know it will lend it's 130 years of experience to you for the same purpose - bringing creativity to life!

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