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Mini Complete Edition

Our flagship, 130+ year old product - The Complete Edition just got a bit of a makeover.

(Don't worry, we still sell the original version too - we love it as much as you do - click here to pick one up!)

But, change isn't always bad!

We incorporated the same page design as The Sidekick (you can tear the perforations to choose which 3 colors you want access to at any given time) and we shrunk the whole thing down to be a bit more portable and manageable.

There is still more than enough paint for you to do your best with and you can always pick up our Complete Edition Refresher pack to cut down and add more paint to your Mini Complete Edition if you'd like to!

Pick up this superbly portable palette today and go paint something beautiful! (or gross looking...we like those too!)

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Mini Complete Edition

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Thierry Da Rold
I have being using for a long time. Great colours.

Like the paper pads.but ran out. dr. martin dyes are good but not the same…

Barbara Zebrowski
Perfect pocket sized paints!

I am a repeat customer, many times over and I absolutely love using Peerless Paints. I have several if not all the Peerless Editions and I enjoy using all.

Barbara H
Very convenient for my travel pack

Love the paints, as always, and this new format is so convenient, especially when painting outdoors when I'm juggling several things. Great price, considering these little sheets can last years.

Amazing colors

I’m just learning how to use watercolors and your paint has been the most vibrant colors I have found. Since their on a card and not a pan, the pigment powder dose get all over. I could careless about that. I’m not here to be clean. Learning is messy and that is how you know and being a mess means your doing it right.
Being pocketbook friendly is just the cherry on top. Thank you!

Lupita Perez
So vibrant!

I really liked them. They are pigmentcand i notice a little goes a long way. They blend well and are so vibrant. The mini complete edition is very portable for me. I just take it along with a couple of their travels paintbrushes and a small watercolor pad. I stick in my bag and I don't need to haul a lot. I love it. If you are on the fence about them order the mini edition. I will order again in the future. Thank you.