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Blue Raspberry - Liquid Metallic

I couldn't help but be reminded of the Blue Raspberry slushies I would use to beat the summer heat when I was a kid when we mixed together this color...hence the name!


This mesmerizing blue dries to a beautiful sky blue tone with a wonderful shimmer across it. 


When it comes to these Liquid metallics you can really let your imagination go wild!


Whether you are painting mermaids, cosmic fish, dreamy seas, or a set of rockin' blue suede shoes this color has you covered!


**Separation within the bottle is normal, simply shake before each use to evenly distribute the metallic particles**


These come in 1oz bottles.


Here are all the other available colors in our Liquid Metallic collection:

Dragon Scale

Cotton Candy

Crimson Coral



Autumn's Indigo

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Blue Raspberry - Liquid Metallic
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Customer Reviews

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I'm a fiend for metallic, and this DOES IT!

What a passionate shade of blue! I've used this in so many applications -- acrylic ink art, gelli printing, as an extra something on watercolor. Bravo! Will be back for more shades.