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The Artist's Palette

The Peerless Artist's Palette was born out of dozens and dozens of interviews with customers and artists like you.

I asked the question "How could our paints be better" and from your answers, we developed this unique, portable, easy-to-use palette.

The design allows the artist to single out one color at a time or fan out the palette to have access to 4 or more at a time.

When you have the palette fanned open it allows for your paints to dry quicker after use which means your palette will stay fresh and tidy.

Having your paints stored like this makes it a dream to casually and quickly use whenever inspiration strikes and wherever inspiration strikes (besides maybe in the shower...)

Then when you're done - simply give the paints you used a few minutes to dry, fold the palette closed and you're on your way!

The Artist's Palette includes half-sheets (~2"x3") of 20 of our most popular, vibrant, and versatile colors.

The colors were chosen by looking through what our most popular paints have been in recent years and then asking a few of our artists if that palette of colors made sense to them - after a few iterations we landed on the colors:

Scarlet Lake - Alizarine Red - Jackqueminot Red - Geranium Pink - Chrome Orange - Brilliant Yellow - Marigold - Light Green - Dark Green - Mountain Green - Olive Green - Turquoise Blue - Butterfly Wing Blue - Forget Me Not Blue - Autumn's Indigo - Wisteria Violet - Sepia Brown - Mahogany Brown - Pearl Grey - Black

Make painting fun, easy, and playful again with The Peerless Artist's Palette today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Christine Sharbrough
Vivid Colors - Great Value!!

I was skeptical at first, but these paints do not disappoint. The colors are so vibrant! They are unlike anything I’ve ever used before. I was recommended them through an art class and I’m so glad I bought them. They are a great value for the price and I will definitely be buying more.

Ann Gillaspie
The Artist Palette

I love the vibrancy of the watercolor paints. This palette is very portable and the paint on the palette dries quickly enough that I don’t have to leave it open for any length of time after I’m done painting. I feel these paints are a great value for the money as well. I could easily spend the same amount on one or 2 tubes of traditional watercolors. Now I can get an entire palette for the same price!

Cielle B
I love these patterns paints in

These paints are amazing. The colors are bold and vibrant

I thought I would only use them while traveling because they are light weight but they are great to use everyday

Wendy Felsenthal
Bright Transparent Colors!

I first bought a Peerless pad at 'Art Unraveled' in AZ back in 2016 I believe from a vendor and I have used it here and there sparingly, but lately have used so much I decided I needed some more .
Found website and wanted to get what I originally had, but they were out .
I ordered two of a different variety and right afterwards did get a message that they were restocking the original I had wanted.
I LOVE the colors I bought anyway so it’s not a problem. I love that I can pack a piece w/ me or several on trips , and that they are on paper.
I have one question or comment though …these feel more like an ink than watercolor in that they do stain hands immediately, whereas if it were watercolor I could wash it off . Because of that I have learned to wear cots or gloves when using the paint, which is almost everyday of week now making my handprinted cards . I will be back for more :)

Tamalyn Hafen

The two palettes I bought are intesting. Should be helpful when painting.