Subscription Box Inventory Explanation - January

Here is what is included in this month's box!


The art on the inside of the box was done by the incredibly talented @tezzarah


Creativity Jumpstarter

   This palette of colors is a new offering from Peerless Watercolors. Each one is a random assortment of colors picked by our staff. It also includes a random painting prompt too. The idea is to either use this as a warm up for a painting or inspiration for a painting all on its own. Simply paint the first thing that comes to your mind when you read your prompt with the colors you were given. We have a hashtag on Instagram started for them and a place for you to submit your own ideas for painting prompts. See the product listing for details


Peaceful Wave Kumanofude Brush

   The Kumano region of Japan is known for the care and skill they put into their brush making. The handle is made of synthetic bamboo which is ong lasting and non-cracking. The brush comes with a loop for hanging and each brush is made by hand. The breakdown of the bristle fibers is: 40% horse, 50% sheep, and 10% nylon. 


Nebula Liquid Metallic

     This is an unreleased color that we have been working on for a while. I was looking at some Hubble telescope images when the inspiration for this color hit me. Although it is a very specialized color I think it is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you choose to paint with it. It is a black base with hues of purple and blue that carry a silky golden shimmer in them. Separation is natural with our liquid metallics. Simply shake well before using!


Sumi Ink

  This is a natural black ink that is traditionally used in Sumi-e painting. This is something I have always been fascinated with because these paintings are so simple but carry so much emotion in them. I am learning the style right now and thought that it might be fun to bring you along for the ride. Plus the ink is good for painting anything a smooth black!


Mineral Paper Booklet 

    This 6" x 8" booklet is made up of 20 sheets of mineral paper. Mineral paper is a great multipurpose tool but it does carry watercolor differently which is great for experimentation! 


 Sketchbook Co Music Sheet Sketchbook

    Following the same idea as last month I asked Autumn to find another vintage book to repurpose into travel sketchbooks and she knocked it out of the park. These books are absolutely beautiful!