Subscription Box Inventory Explanation - June

This months box art was designed by the amazing Nadia Rausa. She is a fantastic watercolor artist that uses multiple mediums and techniques to bring her fantastical and mesmerizing pieces to life!


Here is a few words from Nadia about this piece!

"The inspiration behind the piece was that we have a moon this month known as the "Flower Moon" or "Strawberry Moon," so I chose Japonica Scarlet to embody a flowery fae with a moon on her forehead."


Here is what is included in your box this month:

Autumn Chiu Artist Edition Palette - we worked very closely with Autumn to curate this vibrant and almost dreamy palette of watercolors.


Pack of Tutorial Paints - These paints were chosen by the artist (Autumn Chiu) who created a tutorial that you can find here. Follow along using the provided paints as Autumn walks you through this amazing piece!


Sketchbook Co Sketchbook - These hand bound sketchbooks are created by the wonderful folks at Sketchbook Co. They matched the signature yellow of our complete editions in the cover paper they chose and then hand bound the books with some fantastic paper. These are thin enough to take with you everywhere you go!


Niji Water brush 3 Pack - This is a new product from Niji this year. It is a 3 piece travel set of their world famous water brushes. Their brushes are far superior to any other water brushes that I have ever used and now that they come with the awesome carrying case they are even better!


Vintage Peerless Demo Set - These paints were produced anywhere between 1930 and 1960 as a way to show off Peerless Watercolors. They still work today! Feel free to use them or keep them as a bit of art history. We have one framed in the office! 


Peerless Stickers - 2 stickers from Peerless Watercolors! Go stick'em on something!