Subscription Box Inventory Explanation - February

Here is what is included in this month's box!


Empty Travel Palette

   The Empty Travel Palette comes with 6 clear acetate pages are included to keep the wet colors from smearing when you put your pages away after painting. Each page is loose to allow easy sorting on your work space and then bound tightly with a metal clip when you are ready to pack up.


2 Fine Silverado Brushes

   The Silverado line of brushes has tapered, genuine Taklon fibers that were developed to assure greater resiliency and to hold a consistent point. These are easy to clean and allow for some very fine painting to be done.


Autumn Chiu Artist Edition Palette

    The Autumn Chiu portable palette is incredibly easy to take anywhere you would like to practice your craft. You can treat it like a little color cheat sheet because you know for a fact that the self blending and fully transparent nature of Peerless Watercolors paired with Autumn's well trained eye means no matter what color you choose it will look great! 


Arches Watercolor Paper Pad, 140lbs Cold Pressed 

    One of the most sought after pads of watercolor paper right now. Arches paper is made from 100% cotton so that they won't bleed or warp. The cold press process allows for a better sheen and transparency of your paints.