Subscription Box Inventory Explanation - October

Here is what is included in this month's box! The art for the box this month was done by my wife (and only other member of the company) Cassie during one of the trade shows we did last year.

This painting is special to me because the night of this show we found out we would be having our first child!

Princeton Snap Taklon Size 12 Brush    


     These brushes feature a robust, ergonomic handle that makes them very comfortable in hand. The Taklon bristles are soft and forgiving which makes them great for washes and blending. Princeton makes some of my favorite brushes and I really wish I would have ordered one of these for myself!


Limited Edition Seasonal Fall Palette

     This palette has everything you need to capture all the beauty that Autumn has to offer. For us up here in Wisconsin, the dropping temperatures means that our last chances for getting outside and painting are coming up. When I think of Fall these are the colors I reach for!


Vintage Peerless Liquid Watercolors:

     We estimate these liquid watercolors to be about 50 years old if not older. They were part of our historical archive.  We were planning on keeping them but then thought about the fact that you, our community have been just as much a part of the history of this company as the paints themselves. With that thought in mind we wanted to send a bit more of our history to you! These paints have been re-hydrated and can be used, stored, put in a time capsule, or tied to the leg of a east bound Albatross. However you choose to use them is up to you!


Scarlet Lake Sketchbooks:

    This is the second installment of our Peerless Color's themed sketchbooks. These books are meant to be portable and are handmade by Autumn at Sketchbook Co.