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Autumn Chiu - Artist Edition

Autumn Chiu has hand selected all 30 colors contained in this set. Autumn has rifled through and thoroughly tested our paints to pick out a combination of colors that best suit her artistic style! 

If you are unfamiliar with Autumn's work you can see an example of her masterful command of water colors by clicking this

The colors Autumn decided to include in her palette are absolutely beautiful and compliment each other and Autumn's style in beautiful, interesting, and dramatic ways. 

This portable palette is incredibly easy to take anywhere you would like to practice your craft. You can treat it like a little color cheat sheet because you know for a fact that the self blending and fully transparent nature of Peerless Watercolors paired with Autumn's well trained eye means no matter what color you choose it will look great! 

All of the DrySheet Swatches in this set are approximately 2x2". Each swatch is labeled for your convenience. All of Peerless watercolor paints are handmade in Wisconsin using the same process as they used in 1885. All of our paints are 100% Non-Toxic! Buy one today and get to painting with creativity and confidence! 


Autumn's signature Indigo "Autumn's Indigo" is not currently included in this palette (but soon will be) but it can be found HERE.

 Colors Included in this palette: 

Yellow Ochre

Flaxen Hair


Deep Yellow

Japonica Scarlet 


Tea Rose Pink

Blood Red

Royal Crimson

Rose Red



Mixed Berry

Wisteria Violet


Jane's Grey

Deep Blue


Sky Blue

Forget-Me-Not Blue


Robins Egg

Mountain Green

Hunter's Green

Olive Green

Bismark Brown

Sepia Brown

Pearl Grey

Spotting Black Opaque

Lamp Black


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jordi Waggoner
Love these!

They make it easy to always have color when you want it. The colors are great and it's so reliable

Defective bottle

I sent this message to your customer service email but haven’t received a response-
“Hi, I received this today and it looks like there’s something wrong with the dropper cap. It was stiff when I tried to unscrew it and then part of the dropper lid just came off. I still can’t take the dropper part off of the bottle to access the watercolor in the bottle. “

Can you send a replacement for this item?
Thank you

Pamela Schmidt
Such wonderful colors and paint

I am new to watercolors. I tried the peerless paints after a Skillshare artist talked about them. To try them, I cut off a 1/2” strip from the end. I couldn’t believe how much paint was on there! The colors are beautiful. I will order again for sure!

Catherine M
Love the whole idea of these watercolors

I hate to say it, but I think I have a memory of these from when I was a young child. My eldest brother had them, I think. He’s no longer with us, so I can’t ask, I just remember seeing them once I received mine. I have NEVER used watercolors before, and I am having so much fun experimenting with them in my journals. I am planning to make a sample palette, a smaller version of the one I made for myself, so that my 4 year old granddaughter can join me. Thank you also fir the lovely sample set included with my order.

Deborah B
Lovely Assortment of Wonderful Paint!

I have cherished Peerless watercolors since getting my first 'yellow book" of 15 colors long ago. I was surprised to see all the new colors; I immediately ordered the Autumn Chiu pallet when I saw the fabulous choices of colors to add to my original book! These papers are loaded with color, they are clear and bright, and there is something just magical about them. Wonderful paint!