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5 Color Antique Palette

If you're a nerd for vintage paints like I am than here's the perfect addition to your craft supply museum!

What you're looking at is grade-A marketing from back in the day - way back in the day.

These demo cards were given out at trade shows, craft fairs, church luncheons, etc to help spread the word of Nicholson's Peerless Transparent Watercolors.

This is a perfect beginner set and a great example of our paints.

These are the original paints and they were made sometime before the 1950's.

All of the paints STILL work (you can see the swatches in the next image) so you can paint with these if you'd like although I will not mail you a new one for "10 Cents" as the vintage text boasts!

I've saved some of these for our personal museum but what's available here is all that will ever be so this is your chance to own a historic relic from Watercolor history!

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5 Color Antique Palette

Customer Reviews

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Mel Kolstad
A Beautiful Blast from the Past!

I'm a HUGE Peerless Color Labs fan to begin with but when the 5 Color Antique Palette was offered, I jumped at the change to own it!
I've been buying Peerless products for 15 years and they've changed the way I paint. No other watercolor offers me the transparent vibrancy that Peerless does. I just love them!

Sarah Gilligan
Lovely Paints From A Lovely Lab

I've been a customer for about 7 years now and nothing has disappointed me yet. The paints are divine and though everyone always thinks of the color sheets (since that's what the lab is known for), no one thinks of the same blissful pigments in liquid form. Pretty much ALL the things from Peerless has blown my mind and I'm so blessed to have such lovely colors in my arsenal.