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Complete Edition Refresher Palette

Need to refresh the paints in your beloved Complete Edition?? 

Well, look no further.

This full-sized refresher palette is here to save the day. It's great to keep around to refill your Complete Edition.

It's also perfect for artists that love the color choices in the 130+ year old Complete Edition but don't mind if it has a booklet or not.

If you want to create your own portable palette with the colors of the Complete Edition then this is great for you too!

If you still like to page through the original booklet you can click this link to check it out!

If you are buying this refill palette to give your Complete Edition a little refresher then all you have to do is stick the DryColor Sheet, paint side up, to the page in the booklet it belongs on with a small amount of glue.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Love the new labeling. Wonderful colors

Rebecca Ifland
Beautiful Transparent Vivid Watercolors

The colors in the Peerless sets are truly peerless-none compare to this product.

Complete Edition Refresher Palette

Taking these vibrant AND portable paints on vacation to share with friends on a paint night. Can’t wait for them to be amazed by how much beautiful color can come off sheets of paper!

Great portable color

A few sheets were a little crumbly, especially one of the oranges. Overall good quality. Was able to make a travel booklet for my sheets easily. Happy with the product. Just wish the few crumbly ones hadn’t shed slivers of the ink/watercolor.


Just love these sheets! I have them setup in a binder where I can access them at anytime and easily replace when they eventually run out. I always like to keep a stash on hand and this is a great way to do it! Thank you!