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Creativity Jumpstarter

There have been countless times where I have put off painting because I couldn't come up with a "good enough" idea to warrant me getting all my painting supplies out. 

     I even went so far as to keep all my paints and supplies out and ready to go to see if walking past that chaos would convince me to sit, paint, and relax.

     Even still the mean little nay-sayer in my head kept trying to convince me that it was in my best interest to not even start because I didn't have any ideas worth painting. He swore he was saving me from the pain of failure.

     I eventually heard a quote from the one and only Seth Godin that helped me work with and around the mean little hermit in my mind. 

     I heard it a while ago so I will paraphrase it to the best of my abilities below.

     "People often tell me that they have writers' block and can't manage to write anything good they then ask me to help them get past that. I look them in the eyes and ask them - where is all your bad writing?"

     The point being, sometimes you just need to start and the act of sitting down and making that first brush stroke on that intimidating white piece of paper the jumpstart, the catalyst to let creativity and inspiration into your reality!

     This palette is meant to do just that!

     When you purchase one of these palettes you will receive 5 full-sized, hand-picked, Drycolor Sheets - they could be all the same or they could be different - they could be complimentary or they could clash in every conventional manner.

     Each palette will come with a fortune cookie style prompt.

     The combination of the randomly chosen palette along with the painting prompt will be like miracle-grow for your creativity and surely knock you out of any kind of stagnation.

     You can buy a few of them and save them for a rainy day when you just can't seem to come up with an idea that the art hating troll in the back of your head would define as "good."

    Or pick up a few to use as a "creativity warmup." Paint something with your creativity jumpstarter before you start your "real" painting and you will totally eliminate that freezing that comes with the fear of putting that first brushstroke of color down on your paper. 

     In the spirit of the Peerless community, I also would love if when you used your Creativity Jumpstart if you could share it with the hashtag "#peerlessjumpstart" and include the colors you received and the prompt you were given to paint.

     This goes one step further...

     I also thought it would be a cool idea if everyone could submit prompts they thought could help and support the community as a whole so I made a Google form to collect the community-sourced prompts!

     If you want to submit your Creativity Jumpstarter Prompt simply click this link!

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Creativity Jumpstarter

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This is a great set! I love this brand! These are my favorite watercolors!

Nancy Bradley

Still learning. It's a bit messy but the colors are very vibrant.