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Peerless Watercolor - Individual DrySheet Transparent Metallic

Transparent Metallic DrySheet Color 2x6" swatch Transparent Metallic is an age-old recipe developed in the early 1900's. We have revived the old recipe to add the Metallic DrySheet color back into our stock items. Each Transparent Metallic sheet is loaded with shimmer. Not to be confused with glitter, the shimmer adds a subtle metallic sheen to any color or surface. It will not flake off like glitter! Instead, it will sit tight on your paper surface and provide a reflective sheen that is unmatched! The image to the left displays the Transparent Metallic layered over black. Try it on any color! Try it on a paper bag. Try it on scrap paper. Try it over colored pencils, markers or acrylics! Try it everywhere!
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Peerless Watercolor - Individual DrySheet Transparent Metallic

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic product and customer service

The products shipped are top notch ! The customer service has the personal touch. I had misordered and item and was able to correct the issue via customer service. Not only did my order arrive as planned… the correct items were shipped along with a few gifted items 😍. The gifted items were a necessary part which I had overlooked. Thank you for being an awesome company ! I look forward to ordering again.

Jennifer from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Nice addition to line

I really liked the metallic dry sheets . They are a nice addition to my palette, but i don't think they don't go as far as the regular colors.

Beth Gallagher
Love these portable paints!

The new metallics are a great addition