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Pretty In Pink Watercolor Palette - 30% Donated To Breast Cancer Research

Unfortunately, it seems like everyone I talk to has had to deal with Breast Cancer in some way shape or form. 

Either they have had it themselves or someone they love has had to wrestle with it.

For the month of October and moving forward from there we are going to donate 30% of every Pretty In Pink Palette sold to help advance Breast Cancer research.

This is a re-introduction of this classic and vibrant palette and I can't think of a more worthy cause to bring it back for.

The Pretty In Pink palette includes 6 of our vintage and vibrant shades of pink.  This is one of my favorite palettes to put together because the colors are electric - especially when we are painting on the wash side of the paints themselves.

So not only can you feel great about the fact that these paints will help add some color to your next painting but you'll also be helping to fund important Breast Cancer research!

The colors included are:

Garnet - Mixed Berry - Lip Smackin' Pink - Bubble Gum Pink -  Blush Rose Pink - Carnation Pink

Amount Donated To Date - $280

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah L

Pretty In Pink Watercolor Palette - 30% Donated To Breast Cancer Research

Tickled Pink💗

I appreciate how this palette offers so many hues that reflect the true vibrant pink colors found in nature. Your contribution toward the fight against breast cancer is an added bonus.

inga taylor
Technicolor deluxe

If you want the most saturated brilliant eye popping fantastic watercolors in this world.Buy these now! I’m so hooked.


I love peerless watercolor and love pink! So bright and happy

Juliann Wasisco
Peerless Paint

I love your watercolors! Unfortunate that the stuff, paper and brushes did not live up to your reputation! HOWEVER you responded (a week later) with full refund! I’m all happy now and of course will continue to use peerless watercolors! Thank you!